Our Nation



While we often think of missions as something that one does in a foreign country, the shocking truth is that America needs the gospel! Did you know that:

  • America is the third largest unreached nation in the world?
  • 80-85% of churches in America are in decline or have plateaued?
  • More churches close their doors each year than open?
  • 85-90% of Americans do not attend a place of worship regularly?
  • More people than ever before report not having any religious affiliation?

In response to this critical crisis Providence is committed to:

  • Praying regularly for God to send revival to our nation.
  • Partnering together with the North American Mission Board through the annual Annie Armstrong offering to fund church planting in North America.
  • Planting gospel-centered churches in the major cities of America.
  • Working with declining churches to bring new life and vitality.
  • Giving and supporting to the Appalachian Christmas Backpacks through the Southern Bapstist Conservatives of Virginia.
  • Partnering with the church plant, Seven Mile Road Church in Boston, Massachusetts.

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