Public Worship Services resume Sunday, May 17 @ 10:30am. Limited seating capacity due to social distancing guidelines until June 21. For more information please click here.

Our Nation



While we often think of missions as something that one does in a foreign country, the shocking truth is that America needs the gospel! Did you know that:

  • America is the third largest unreached nation in the world?
  • 80-85% of churches in America are in decline or have plateaued?
  • More churches close their doors each year than open?
  • 85-90% of Americans do not attend a place of worship regularly?
  • More people than ever before report not having any religious affiliation?

In response to this critical crisis Providence is committed to:

  • Praying regularly for God to send revival to our nation.
  • Partnering together with the North American Mission Board through the annual Annie Armstrong offering to fund church planting in North America.
  • Planting gospel-centered churches in the major cities of America.
  • Working with declining churches to bring new life and vitality.
  • Giving and supporting to the Appalachian Christmas Backpacks through the Southern Bapstist Conservatives of Virginia.
  • Partnering with the church plant, Seven Mile Road Church in Boston, Massachusetts.

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