V.T.M. Training Annoucement

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We serve musical & technological

We serve with the purpose of bringing glory to God by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

8 Core Values of the music & tech team

1. We love and worship Jesus above everything else.

2. We choose the words of God over the words of people.

3. We are a community of shepherds.

4. We choose serventhood over stardom.

5. We strive for excellence not perfection.

6. We are not moved by applause or criticism.

7. We choose comaraderie over comparison.

8. We focus on character over competence.



  As Worship leaders," It is your primary responsibility to build into the minds and hearts of people truth that portrays Christ, Father, Spirit, and the way of salvation in biblically faithful ways; so that the people's minds engage with spiritual reality, not just imaginary things & so that people's hearts are moved toward authentic spiritual affections rooted in that reality." -Piper


Sound board


This team includes both technical and musical people who effect everything that is, seen and heard, in every service. Youth & adults of all skill sets, who would enjoy video production, lighting & sound tech can serve in this area.Tec pic

Need more info about serving in this capacity, contact the worship director Eden Blaylock. Info Below

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Worship Director- Eden Blaylock


Wednesday Evening Rehearsal

7:30pm - 8:45pm 

Sunday Morning Rehearsal: 8:45am – 9:30am.

Video and Sound Techs - 8:30am

Vocalist/Musicians - 8:30am

Prayer - 10:20am
Sunday Worship: 10:30 am


Join us Sunday at