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God established His church to be a vehicle of hope, refuge, and truth for those in darkness and distress around the world. It's our responsibility to take what we have been blessed with and use our creativity, energy, and resources to bring the only true Solution to a hurting and searching humanity.

Through our global missions ministry, we partner with missionaries, local churches, and Christian organizations to take the gospel global and engage this generation in God's purposes around the world. Whether it's by going on a short-term missions trip, financial support, or simply praying for our overseas partners, you can make a difference!

Global Missions Strategy:

1. Plant the Church where it does not exist.

The local church is the hope of the world. Strong, healthy local churches are the most effective means of making disciples. Therefore, much of our mission's effort and support will be geared toward the planting and nourishing of churches around the world.

2. Strengthen the Church where it does exist.

By providing resources, encouragement, and sending teams to assist like-minded churches in helping make Jesus famous throughout the earth.

3. Train Leaders.

One of the greatest current needs in world missions is trained indigenous pastors. There are five million untrained pastors in the Third World. Without trained pastors, churches cannot be healthy. Therefore, we will seek to partner with missionaries and ministries that are training pastors including our own pastor who conducts pastors' training conferences around the world.

4. Minister Compassion.

We as a church family minister one time support in such situations as natural disasters, war, calamities or special needs. Ministering in these times allows us to be instruments of His compassion at critical moments in regions of the world that need His touch, and it helps to open the doors to evangelism. The ministries that serve as our conduit in such critical moments include Convoy of Hope, Healthcare Ministries and others.

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