Preschool: Young children learn differently than older children, and each child is an individual with unique needs and learning styles. This study is effective in bringing age-specific teaching solutions for each child from babies through kindergarten. Our babies through Pre-K age groups are available both during the Sunday School hour and Worship hour.

Babies: We believe it’s never too early to begin teaching babies who God is. Room N2

1’s and 2’s: This age needs action-oriented experiences that allow them to learn spiritual concepts through purposeful play. Room N1

3’s: Active learning is key at this age through Bible stories that keep their attention, learning activities based on art, blocks, books, home living, dramatic play, puzzles, and nature and science. Room N4

Children: Elementary age children will learn to know and connect with God. They will grow to understand that He is real and relevant to their everyday lives. Kids will learn to seek the truth through Scripture, and help to apply those truths to their lives.

Grades Kindergarten, 1 & 2: Kindergarten, first and second graders learn best through discovery. This age group loves to ask questions and to play games. This study provides high-energy activities to encourage social interaction. Room N5

Grades 3-4: Third and fourth graders are imaginative, creative, and curious. They love to solve problems. The kids will learn with activities designed to learn by doing. Room N11

Grade 5: This study offers rock-solid biblical truths and life application that addresses the concerns preteens face in today's world. Room N8

Youth: This study attempts to connect students in middle and high school. Students will develop through a discipleship framework. This will help guide them to know Christ, and become contributing servants in the community of faith.

Youth Sunday School: We begin with High School students and Middle School students together. This is a time to take prayer requests and share praises from our families and lives. We then pray together before breaking into groups. Room S2

Middle School students: Our time together is spent teaching the lesson of the week and discussing how we can apply those teaching to our everyday lives. It's a great time of fellowship and studying God's Word. Room S2

High School students: We strive to strengthen our faith with open discussion about God’s Word from our lesson plan and scripture.

Adult Classes:

Christ Cultivators Fellowship Hall: Co-Ed, Ages 24-68. We come together to study God’s Word with discussion and fellowship.

Companions in Christ-Co-ed:Senior Adults. Curriuculum: Bible Studies for Life Senior Adults. We study and share God's Word, uplift, and support each other. Room S9

Friendly Class-Ladies: Ages 40 and Up. Curriculum: Explore the Bible: Adults. We are a friendly group of ladies and occasionally men who are serious Bible students. Room S12

Friends & Followers:   Co-ed: Ages 20-73. Curriculum: Bible Studies for Life: Young Adults Studying God’s Word and applying the Word to our everyday lives. Friends and Followers meet in the Fellowship Hall

S. A. L. T. (Sharing and Learning Together): Co-ed: Ages 40 and up. Curriculum: Bible Studies for LifeWe use a video presentation followed by open discussion of the topics covered in the video. The S.A.L.T class meets in room S9.

Men’s Bible Class: Senior Adult Men. Curriculum: Bible Studies for Life: Sr. Adults   We are committed students of the Bible, studying the Word, and applying it to our lives through love and fellowship. Room S1

Peace Keepers: Women: Ages 43-70. Curriculum: Explore the Bible: A group of ladies who share a love for God and each other. Room S6

Ruth Class: Senior Adult Women. Curriculum: Bible Studies for Life: Sr. Adults. We are devoted to the study of God’s Word. Room S13

White’s C.L.A.S.S (Changing Lives and Shaping Saints) Co-ed: 19-48. Curriculum: Bible Studies Life: Young Adults. Our class focuses on scripture in an active learning capacity and round table discussion. We explore principles based on biblical truth, reinforcing life that we fellow Christians are faced with daily, including raising families, and careers.









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